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Vol. IX, No. XXXIV
Come morning, bright sunlight
Defines the treeline
Saturating the sky
Brilliant green against rising blue
A faded cardinal
Early from her nest
Ruffles her dull feathers
As she sits on the fence
Drives night's memories
From wing and flight
Breakfast will be pleasant
Sitting beside you
Lisa Jain Thompson c. 2008 C. E.
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August drifting into September, handfuls of poems
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more biography
Cracker Jack


An oh so American of poets,
Grounded in her Whitman and Melville,
Embraced by Ginsberg,
Captured by Dylan,
Touched by Sappho and Shakespeare.
I am a daughter of Robert Heinlein,
A child of Asimov and Clarke,
Sam Delany was my youthful lover,
King James, my soul,
Bobby Kennedy, my brother.
I believe in The Declaration,
Jefferson and Lincoln,
And would defend both
Both Constitution and my children
Until my last breath and bloody drop.
I may not be able to hit
A major league curve ball,
But I can cook a damn good
Apple pie.
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008.
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Oh dark thirty in the pentagon

Along the chilly, oh dark hundred corridor,
A floret of bright green fresh broccoli
Lies before a tightly closed office door;
What tales might it tell of vegan rodents
Gathering for some midnight ritual
Of festive mousarian celebration
To honor the muroid gods of vegetable and salad.
It would seem that the ever present cockroaches,
Such that they are, are far too carnivorous
To bother with so dainty a treat from Calabria.
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008
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Support Your Local Renaissance
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looking around
Foundation for a Practical Theology
I like to think of god as an instinctive engineer
Who is not very good at the details;
A lot of thought obviously goes into creative invention
But he seems to pay little attention
To life cycle costs or preventive maintenance:
Zero Defects has never been one of his strong points.
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008
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day to decade, a lifetime
Anniversary Day
Canadian gees grazing in the soccer field,
Summer drizzle stead down;
Bright sun glares behind gray clouds,
Chilly drops on warm humid skin.
Above all and one, the stars remain,
Their light begun when the universe was young,
Waiting for our long delayed application
For membership in the Traveler’s Club
Of the Greater Milky Way.
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008
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You know how at the end of [the film] Tombstone Wyatt Earp
goes to Doc Holliday's deathbed and hands a him a copy of a book,
"My Friend Doc Holliday" by Wyatt Earp?
Well, that never happened. Hollywood made it up.
But we were inundated at the bookshop with demands for the book.
So I stayed up for three nights, each time with a pitcher of Martinis,
and I wrote it myself. Here, let me go get you a copy.
-- Jack Fiske
Tombstone, AZ
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the way things are
Shelf Date
The sun is out,
The thunder’s gone,
Life goes on.
A young squirrel learns
To safely cross the grass,
A small bird discovers
The safe distance from the cat.
A second difference
Between success and failure,
Failure’s unacceptable,
Death an unwanted outcome.
Eyes closed,
The sun sets;
Eyes open,
The world continues.
Stopping by the woods,
Where the dirt path separates
The trees from the wetlands,
I watch the small raptors watching
For an uncareful
   Target of opportunity.
Dead and gone.
The raptor lives,
I watch,
Life goes on,
Doing what we must
To see the sun rise.
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008
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arguing with the muse
The Notebook
I’m filling leather bound notebooks
As fast as I can, a captured star exploding
In a rush of words across the page
That wanders only vaguely within the lines.
A blot there, an edit here,
Jesus, I’ve used that word twice before.
Does any of this make any sense?
Don’t give me just the words
-- I know the words are right --
I write them down after all.
I need to know what everything means.
All of it, what does it mean?
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008
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Groom Arrested for Getting Too Close to Bride at Wedding
A. P.  Monday , August 11, 2008
A New York state man has been arrested for getting too close to his bride on their wedding day.
Timothy Cole quarreled with a wedding guest at a party Friday after wedding his ex-wife in Batavia, police said.  Officers knew the 45-year-old Cole from previous arrests and realized his bride had an order of protection against him.  Cole was charged with first-degree criminal contempt, a felony, and ordered jailed without bail.
Cole was convicted of criminal contempt on July 1, the Daily News in Batavia reported.  The Genesee County public defender's office said Cole hasn't been assigned an attorney.
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the state of the arts
The Messenger
If I hear voices
And write their words down,
I am an author or a poet,
Possibly of some note.
If I hear voices tell me
I must lead an army into battle,
I am Joan of Arc or George Patton,
My effectiveness limited outside the war zone.
If I hear voices tell me to murder and torture,
I am a serial killer, intermittently sane,
A threat to all those around me.
The problem does not appear to be
In the words themselves,
Only how we choose to act on them.
The words are neither
The cause nor the effect,
Their impact fully dependent
On our will and intellect.
We must choose wisely.
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008
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instruction and observation, author unknown
Preface to the Poet Manual for Dummies
Geospatially, a poet should float freely in space and time,
Anchored only by our humanity, our past, and our future,
The day to day existence of love and family,
The possibility of death and the seemingly random decisions
Of the gods.
There are no poets in the classroom,
Only dead words imprisoned on the page,
Petulantly enhanced by the well learned thoughts
Of those who would rather teach.
A poet needs to be socialized with both the factory floor
And the country club backrooms where decisions are made.
Her muse must devour both science and the rainbow,
Then fuse them with the slippery desires of this monkey body
In which we find ourselves.
Above all, the poet must understand that at any moment,
She might lose it all,
And linger barely silent until the end.
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008
lisajain sun
for Sharon, obviously

I'll be your huckleberry,
Just like Doc and Wyatt,
A life long holiday riding your bed,
Watching your back each night;
I’ll wake you when ancient nightmares
Shatter the quiet of your sleep,
Stirring you gently until your breath
Becomes a slow soft cadence beside me;
I will sit at your side each morning,
Eating the breakfast we have made,
And cook as much as you let me
When dinner brings us home again;
I’ll gladly ride shotgun, letting you drive
While I watch for the correct highway exit,
We’ll share the discovery of all the new restaurants,
Deconstructing how the chef did what he did;
I'll be your huckleberry,
Red, white, and blue,
You're stuck, I'm not leaving,
Not never gonna quit you.
Lisa Jain Thompson
August 2008

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